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One of the most debilitating conditions one can suffer from would be back pain of any kind. It limits the way we live our lives and worst of all, keep us out of work. The thing that many do not realize, is that back pain is caused by things we may be doing every day without a second thought. It is important to pinpoint what these are and to make a correction.


One of the most common ways to injure the back is simply because of overuse and excessive stress. Many who have a job that requires heavy lifting will often suffer from this, especially if they have been in the business for many years. Even if the cargo is not very heavy, the lifting motion will wear the back muscles and joints over time.


Every day, millions of people go to the gym in an effort to stay in shape. A good chunk of those people are not using proper technique when on machines or using free weights. This is very detrimental to the health of ones back. Improper technique is something that could damage the back right away, or could wear it down over time.


Everybody who works in an office has that comfortable chair that they could literally sit in all day. It is great to be comfortable at work, but it will also cause people to become too comfortable. They will slouch down in their chair and bend their backs. This will cause problems if done over time. If this becomes an issue, buy a specialized cushion to keep on the back of the chair.


Another common culprit of back pain would be the way people will carry their bag. Whether it be a woman with her purse, an employee with their laptop bag or a student with a backpack, people often will throw their bag over one shoulder while in transit. This forces the lower back to shoulder all of the weight which will cause pain if done over time.


A leading cause of back pain would be a bad sleeping position. While asleep it is tough to realize what position you are sleeping in, but it is important to at least begin to sleep in the right way. It is universally known that the best way to sleep, when regarding your back, is directly on said back. The fetal position is also ok, as long as the knees are not tucked towards the chest.


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