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Dr. Kevin Yao, M.D.

Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Dr. Kevin Yao’s Testimonials
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ABC’s The Doctors: Awake Brain Surgery: Watch as neurosurgeon Dr. Kevin Yao performs an awake brain surgery.

ABC’s The Doctors: Undergoing Awake Brain Surgery. Lee discusses the seizure that led to her diagnosis. Plus, learn how she felt when Dr. Yao told her about the procedure.

ABC’s The Doctors: Awake Brain Surgery Explained: Neurosurgeon Dr. Kevin Yao explains the type of tumor Lee had and why it was important for her to be conscious during the surgery.

Awake Brain Surgery – Dr. Kevin Yao Explains Awake Brain Surgery on News 12 New Jersey

Dr. Kevin Yao Giving Hope to Those with Trigeminal Neuralgia New Treatment Provides Relief From Horribly Painful ‘TN’ Disease

Dr. Kevin Yao is Using Gamma Knife Treatment to Treat Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dr. Kevin Yao's Recognitions

2012 Compassionate Doctor
2012 Patients’ Choice

Dr. Yao Featured on ABC's The Doctors

Dr. Kevin Yao performed an amazing successful awake brain surgery on one of his patients.