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Spinal Disorders

Spinal cord injury can range from mild to severe.  Traumatic injuries or injury related to commonplace activity can occur and require surgical intervention.  Spinal fractures occur when a bone is compressed, cracked or broken apart.  Traumatic injuries are a frequent cause of spinal fracture as are medical conditions such as osteoporosis and cancer.


Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and irritation of spinal nerve roots that may materialize as pain in the lower back, buttock, leg and foot.  Sciatica may cause pain, numbness, weakness and difficulty controlling the leg.


Scoliosis which is a medical condition where a person’s spine is abnormally curved or rotated can be successfully treated by our practice.


Spinal disc herniation is a condition that may cause inflammation of nerve roots or cord compression.  This problem occurs frequently and surgery may be indicated if the spinal cord or a nerve root is compressed.


Spinal instability is a condition whereby the spine is compromised by congenital defect, injury or trauma, degenerative changes or metastatic disease and becomes unable to maintain its normal strength and allows increased mobility which may endanger the spinal cord.