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Mission Statement

The mission of our neurosurgical practice is to provide the best surgical treatment of disorders that impair the spine and brain. We utilize proven standard techniques and new, minimally invasive techniques for surgical intervention whenever possible. We combine our experience, training and clinical expertise in providing an environment where surgical intervention is performed to optimize a patient’s outcome.

Integrative Approach

Regardless of the procedure recommended, our team has the most expertise and experience in the area. Too often patients are told of one single solution to their spinal conditions and are not given the full spectrum of surgical options. At Metropolitan Neurosurgery, the patient is as involved in the treatment plan as the physician. We strive to educate all of our patients and offer a full range of procedures to ensure that each patient’s outcome is life changing.

Cervical Disc Replacement

The Mobi-C Cervical Disc is designed for the replacement of cervical discs in the spine in order to restore segmental motion and disc height in adult patients.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

The goal of minimally invasive spine surgery is to stabilize the vertebral bones and spinal joints and/or relieve pressure being applied to the spinal nerves.

Steriotactic Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

The procedure uses up to 200 focused beams of radiation to treat only the malignant area thus sparing the non-cancerous areas of the brain.

Craniotomy and Brain Tumor Resection

Small surgical tools are used to remove a portion of skull known as the bone flap. The bone flap is reattached after the surgery is completed.


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Patient Reviews

Dr. Arginteanu is, in my opinion, simply the best in bedside manner and technique. I have been fortunate enough for him to perform two spinal fusions over the years. From the initial consult, through the surgery, post-op follow-up, and now annual checks, I could not be happier with, or more confident in, his care.

Paul S.



From the very beginning, Dr. Yao and all of their staff treated me in a kind, professional and most efficient way possible to relieve my pain. I had surgery a few weeks prior and I can say in this short period of time, I feel great. I'd definitely recommend Metropolitan Neurosurgery Associates.

Anabel C.


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