Scoliosis Surgery

Understanding Scoliosis Surgery

Adult & Pediatric

Scoliosis surgery is a treatment option for individuals with severe spinal curvature. It aims to correct and stabilize the abnormal curvature of the spine, improving posture, function, and overall quality of life. The surgical procedure involves the use of implants, such as rods, screws, or wires, to straighten the spine and achieve spinal fusion. The specific surgical technique employed depends on factors such as the severity of the scoliosis, age, overall health, and individual needs.

Adults Scoliosis Surgery: In adults, scoliosis often arises from degenerative changes or long-standing curvature progression. Surgical intervention is typically considered when conservative treatments no longer provide relief. Procedures for adults focus on stabilizing the spine and alleviating pain, often involving the fusion of affected vertebrae.

Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery: In contrast to adult scoliosis surgery, pediatric scoliosis surgery aims to guide the growing spine into proper alignment. Techniques like growing rod implants allow for continued spinal growth while controlling curvature. The goal is to support the child’s physical development and prevent further deformity as they mature.

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

The path to recovery after scoliosis surgery is a vital phase in reclaiming a healthy, balanced spine. While the fundamental goal of scoliosis surgery is spinal correction, the recovery process can differ significantly between adults and children. 

For both adults and children, the initial period involves post-operative care, pain management, and gradually regaining mobility. 

Adult Scoliosis Surgery Recovery 

Adults may face a longer recovery period due to factors like bone density and pre-existing conditions. Rehabilitation focuses on pain management, core strengthening, and gradually returning to daily activities. Open communication with the healthcare team is key to addressing any concerns and ensuring a smooth recovery journey.

Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

In children, recovery is often guided by the ongoing growth of the spine. Procedures like growing rods may require periodic adjustments to accommodate this growth. Physical therapy is essential for rebuilding strength and flexibility.

Remember, each patient’s recovery experience is unique, and adherence to your healthcare provider’s guidance is essential.


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