How to Choose the Best Mattress For Your Spine

People across the country suffer from lower back pain everyday caused by poor sleeping habits. Many times the mattress they sleep on each night is part of the problem. A mattress that does not have proper support, can strain a back muscle or throw the spine out of alignment. In the modern era of an overly busy and work driven society, we are often able to still fall asleep while actually being somewhat uncomfortable due to how tired we are. Being comfortable enough to fall asleep is not good enough. Many times in these situations, the back is not properly supported and the pain will have to be dealt with for the following days.

If you have recognized that you may need a new mattress, it is important to choose a one that meets your specific preferences. Many times, the higher a persons weight, the firmer the mattress should be to support the body. Remember, there is not one mattress style that will limit all types of back pain! Select a mattress that you can both sleep comfortably in and one that doesn’t compromise your sleeping position and support structure.

A mattress should have proper support for the curves of the spinal cord. However, a mattress that is too firm could result in muscle soreness in the morning. Take time and find a balance between having it soft enough to be comfortable, while being firm enough to support the muscles of the spine. Each body type requires a certain mattress.

Since many people sleep with a spouse, this can be a complicated process. With that said, it is still important that you do not stick with an old mattress that sags and lacks proper support. Many people will try to save money by using padding or putting wooden boards underneath. This is not a viable solution and a new mattress will eventually be needed. Continuously sleeping without proper back support can lead to serious back problems over time.

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